Zurvit provides its clients with exceptional expertise in the field of machining of special steels for rolling bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings and spherical roller bearings with extensive applications, particularly in the industrial field.

The milling process includes the removal of the wooden shavings, i.e. surplus material.

This is done using a professional milling cutter which, by rotating around the moving components, removes all excess material. This precise mechanical milling takes place once the components have cooled down and stabilized, thereby guaranteeing perfect results.

Zurvit’s machining is extremely precise as it uses technologically advanced machines.

The company is particularly attentive to research and technological innovation, using the most recent milling machines and lathes along with the latest software to control the machinery, thereby minimizing the possibility of errors during production.

To guarantee its customers excellent milling and turning services, Zurvit closely monitors all stages of the production chain: from the procurement of raw materials, processing, and the potential treatments that can be done prior to delivery of the finished product.